Introducing JSAutomotive's jobs in various fields.


  • Financial Management

    Carrying out company funding, operation, and settlement.

  • HR & General Affairs

    Establish a manpower management plan, recruit and manage excellent talents, provide an optimal working environment, perform various welfare benefits, and manage tangible and intangible assets.

  • IT

    Manages groupware, network, and security systems, and develops systems necessary for the company.


  • Pre Development

    In order to proactively respond to customer needs, we establish a system for securing advanced quality for new vehicle designs, and conduct continuous and repetitive process inspection activities to prevent recurrence of the same problem and design flawless parts.

  • Design

    We perform system design, hardware (PCB, circuit, etc.) design and software design, equipment,
    and wiring harness design. It refers to the efforts involved in drawing design(2D) and mechanical design(3D) using CATIA.

  • Verification and Evaluation

    To verify software unit, integration and function, and to secure product reliability, we perform various tests and determine whether it meets the design criteria.


  • Order Marketing

    Responsible for establishing order-taking strategies and pursuing orders for domestic/overseas automakers, It determines the mass production price of the supplied product, responds to RFQ and prepares an estimate. In addition, we carry out various activities to maintain an active cooperative relationship with our customers.

  • Delivery Management

    Responsible for reducing the lead time of delivery by establishing a sales plan to enable smooth material procurement and timely supply, and responding to customer requests with minimal inventory.

/ Material

  • Purchasing Parts

    We are in charge of purchasing related parts by discovering companies with optimal quality and delivery capability for all parts necessary for product production. We are also carrying out purchasing support for overseas business sites.

  • General Purchasing

    We are in charge of supplying raw and subsidiary materials necessary for product production at reasonable prices in a timely manner.

Production Technology

  • Production Technology

    It develops new technologies / new construction methods related to production for each product, and designs the optimal production system for 4M (Man, Machine, Material, Method), For efficient production, we perform tasks such as process improvement, facility introduction/expansion/renovation


  • Production

    Refers to the efforts involved in planning, preparing, and managing according to the standardized methods the production workforce, facilities, tools & jigs, processes etc. with the aim of ensuring smooth production.

  • Production Mnagement

    Responsible for establishing and managing operation plans for equipment, personnel, and materials necessary for production activities. It analyzes CAPA (production capacity), establishes a production plan, manages the production line, and performs work to support production to be carried out smoothly.


  • Quality Management

    Refers to the companywide quality control efforts involved in developing and standardizing a quality improvement process based on international standards on quality.

  • Advanced Quality

    Refers to the preventive quality efforts designed to stabilize the Advanced Quality of newly developed items. They are verifying the suitability of design specifications and requirements at the development stage and improving the problems that have occurred to stabilize quality at the initial stage of mass production.

  • Quality Control

    Refers to the efforts involved in analyzing and making improvements on the quality issues related to the company’s products supplied to the customer and preventing the quality issues that may arise in the manufacturing process.

  • Quality Assurance

    Refers to the efforts involved in guaranteeing and continuously testing the level of quality required by the customer and analyzing the data on the complaints from the market and reducing them.