CEO Message

Thank you for visiting our website.

JSAutomotive has a portfolio of diversified products in the development
and mass production of not only connectors & harnesses applied to key
automobile parts but also electronic components such as infotainments.

As the 4th industrial revolution is in full swing, the future automotive industry will increase the proportion of advanced automotive electronics related parts industries as the paradigm shifts to eco-friendly, smart, and connected cars.

JSAutomotive has been devoted to the development of prior technology and localization. Based on the accumulated optical technology, LED-based light guide plate design technology, lean communication control module design technology, and wiring harness technology, we provide
products to leading global companies as well as Tier 1 company of Hyundai Motors and Kia. And we will grow into a company specializing in automotive electronics.

JSAutomotive will become a reliable partner for customers as “a company that runs continuously to lead the future automotive technology”.

Thank you.

JSAutomotive CEO

Kim Jin Soo