JSAutomotive, the automotive electronic components company,
is growing as a world-class auto parts company
with the development of future-oriented new technologies.

JSAutomotive is a specialized automotive electronic components company specializing in design, development and production of automotive electronic modules and wiring harnesses.
Founded in 2006, JSAutomotive has begun developing USB and AUX connectors for electronic devices, and is further developing its technology and know-how through the wiring harness business and development and production of the automotive electronic equipment.

Under the management philosophy of “growing into a global first-class company based on expertise and innovation”, we have secured our own technology through technology development and investment from the beginning of our founding and have built customer trust.

JSAutomotive, which started its entry into the Chinese market in January 2008 and has engaged in full-scale global management, is expanding its market as a global automotive electronic componets company with two business sites in Korea and two overseas business sites.

All of JSAutomotive's executives and employees promise to be your reliable partner.